Three reasons all business should use VOIP

Three reasons all businesses should use VoIP

Three reasons all businesses should use VoIP

Even in today’s digital world of emails and text messages, a telephone conversation is still just as important to business as it was 20 years ago. You need a phone system that allows you to communicate with your clients and customers as efficiently and as reliably as possible, while at the same time being cost effective.


This is where VoIP comes in.


A traditional telephone system relies on the phone lines which are connected by a public switched telephone network (PSTN). These systems are on circuits operated by Private Branch Exchange (PBX) equipment. VoIP differs from these traditional systems because your voice is transferred over the Internet as data. This is cheaper, faster and less likely to be a bad connection if you’re using broadband or an Ultra-Fast Internet connection.


Here are three reasons you should switch to VoIP if you have a small business:


It’s simpler
By simple, we mean cleaner. Traditional phone systems require a phone switch: a mess of wires and plugs that take up a lot of space in a box somewhere. With VoIP there’s none of that. It’s all connected to the internet, and that’s it. No more wires to clog up your office. And it’s this same technology that allows you to expand your options when it comes to communication. You can forward calls to your mobile or make calls directly from your laptop.


It’s more efficient for you as a customer
Ever try to get through to a telecommunications company when things have gone wrong? “Please hold….” Yeah, how many times have you heard that? The old telephone systems, were invented over half a century ago for the business needs and technology of the day. This is the digital age, and things are very different now. VoIP is based on modern-day technology, not systems based on needs from fifty years ago. If there are any problems, most things can be sorted out online, without even calling someone.


It’s more efficient for you as an employer
VoIP covers all the usual things regular telephone systems do: Conference Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting… but it also offers other options that businesses have never had up to this point. Take calls from the office with you on your mobile, use your laptop or tablet to make a call, or send images and files to people as you talk to them. Modern technology makes a lot more possible now and VoIP is the way to unlock all these new features.

Andrew Hall

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