IT Support and Managed IT Services in Bedfordshire

Hosted Telephony

The market is rapidly moving from on-premise to hosted PBX telephone systems. Businesses today are realising the savings, reliability and advantages of hosted telephony.

Hosted platforms remove the capital expenditure costs and on-going maintenance charges plus they typically include free and low cost call packages making a very simple business case.

A VoIP (Voice over IP) solution gives small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) the flexibility to deliver their calls to where they want without the restrictions of location and geography. Our hosted telephony platforms include Advanced IVR menus, multiple queues, Call Recording, Voicemail to Email for a fixed monthly fee.

SIP Trunking

If your business has already made the investment in a telephone system or if an on-premise solution is right for you, then delivering calls over SIP provides significant savings and greater flexibility when compared to ISDN.

BT have announced that ISDN will be discontinued in 2025 so many businesses need to start considering their future options.

SIP trunks are typically 60% cheaper and can include call packages that cover local, national and mobile calls.

IT Support and Managed IT Services in Bedfordshire
IT Support and Managed IT Services in Bedfordshire


Reviewing your mobile partner every two years or having to deal with the support desks of the global mobile giants can be painful.

ITSL can not only provide you with better rates than if you went direct but our value add is the personalised support and on-going management that you just cannot get from the Tier 1 network providers.

Lines & Calls

Its very easy to just keep paying the same supplier month after month without reviewing the charges. ITSL make a review of your call costs very simple, you send us the bill and we will advise you on what you could save by moving.

If you have not reviewed your supplier in the last few years you might be surprised on how much you could save. 

Hosted Telephony Services in Bedfordshire
Host Telephony Services in Bedfordshire

Contact Centre

Improving on customer service is probably the single most important factor to keeping happy customers and retaining clients over the long-term.

Many businesses we speak to think they are too small to require a contact centre. If your business has inbound contacts being handled by teams of staff then you could benefit from a contact centre.

Today contact centres are able to handle all your contact channels whether that’s the telephone, email, web chat or a social media post. Delivering these contacts in a structured and measurable way quickly improves service levels and provides your business with the visibility it needs.