Ethernet & Fibre

Ethernet and Fibre technology offers a flexible, scalable access method which can now be extended from local to wide area networked. ITSL work with several leading partners to offer a comprehensive portfolio to suit your business needs without compromising on quality or price.

ITSL provide Internet Connectivity on DSL, FTTC, EFM through to Ethernet. The solutions can be delivered managed, un-managed as well as part of an MPLS, giving you greater choice for your network.

Voice Ready

Good quality connectivity is not just about having larger circuits and more bandwidth. All our circuits can support voice and video communications, as well as other prioritised data.

Voice over IP and Video Conferencing facilities require real-time communications so Quality of Service (QoS) and the hand-off of SIP traffic to your provider without needing to traverse the public internet, can be key to delivering a consistent communications service.


Built for Business

Our solutions are designed for Business and come with the measurable service levels that you would expect.

The circuits are proactively monitored 24/7 with a web portal that allows your IT team to see the type of traffic running on your internet circuits.

The FTTC circuits come with a 6 hour guaranteed time to fix SLA and the Ethernet circuits come with 4 hours. If your business requires greater cover then we can provide connectivity from diverse carriers and ensure the cables are delivered in to different locations within your building.