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Microsoft Office 365 – 4 Useful features you Probably Didn’t Know about

Microsoft Office 365 – 4 Useful features you Probably Didn’t Know about

Microsoft Office 365 for business is leading the game in providing organisations the necessary office productivity tools with the use of cloud computing. With the primary applications we’ve utilised in Office 365, there are still great features that you probably have missed. Here are some of the unpopular, but very useful, Office 365 features that you should explore and implement.


Collaborate in Real-Time

 Sharing the load of editing a document with your colleagues has now become hassle-free thanks to Office 365’s co-authoring feature. With this feature, you and your team can edit documents simultaneously — whether it be a Word Web App, PowerPoint Web App, or Excel Web App. With an added real-time presence feature, it helps you track what part of the document your co-authors are currently working on to avoid conflicts and document management comes easy for everyone.

With this amazing feature, it eliminates the hassle of attaching your documents in e-mails for editing, which could take some time. This also comes with a sync feature in case you’ve gone offline.

This feature is now being rolled out to all Office 365 apps. So start collaborating!


Chat While Editing


Together with the co-authoring feature provided by Microsoft, a document chat feature is also included, here you can chat with everyone working in the document. Just simply clicking the “Chat” button lets you begin communicating over Skype with everyone working on the document.

Whenever you leave the document, you can still continue chatting with your co-collaborators via Skype for desktop or via the phone app. This is a very useful feature if you want to communicate with your colleagues in real time — like for example, asking a quick question or asking to divide the sections of the document amongst your co-editors.


The document chat feature is available in all Office Online apps – Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote.


Let PowerPoint Handle the Design

 If you ever get the hang of designing your presentations manually, chances are you never noticed Microsoft’s latest update for PowerPoint – the PowerPoint Designer. This is the newest tool for the PowerPoint in which it automates the creation of slides as well as presentations without you getting all fussed.


With this feature, it’s easy as just dropping an image to your presentation and letting the Designer provide you with several design ideas. Choose one and voila! This also allows you to spend less time deciding and figuring out how to produce great designs and focus more on the presentation itself.


It’s Morphin’ Time!

 Another great feature in PowerPoint that you may have overlooked is the new Morph transition. No, it’s not about the TV show where teenagers morph into powerful beings. This feature is released together with the PowerPoint Designer and offers unique ways to tweak your presentation.


Morph is a great alternative to PowerPoint’s manual animations. You can animate regular text and images as well as 3D shapes. You can even use it to change colours, zoom-in or apply it all simultaneously to an object.

The downside for this is that you need PowerPoint 2016 and a 365 subscription to be able to utilise this feature.


These are few of the features from Microsoft’s Office 365 which keen business’s continuously enjoy. With more and more updates coming up for Office 365 for small business, expect a heap of great features on your doorstep soon. Just be vigilant in researching and learning about these amazing apps.

Andrew Hall

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